All 4 Jesus

This week I decided to tell a story, so the newsletter will be a treat for those of you who love to read!  Read the full story below. It’s only a couple of pages, but if you don’t have time for that, read the first bit and then skip to the end.  The filling is … More All 4 Jesus

One Word

When you sit down to read a book, how often to you read just a paragraph here and there, and then next time randomly choose a different paragraph of two?  Chances are, you start at the beginning and read it through to the end, whether in one sitting or many. But we usually don’t approach … More One Word

Sin Always Hurts

Society tells us that it’s okay to do anything that feels right, as long as you don’t hurt anyone.  Stealing may be wrong sometimes, but stealing internet or illegally downloading movies doesn’t hurt anyone.  Infidelity may be wrong if it hurts your spouse, but sex before marriage doesn’t hurt anyone.  In fact any sex, as … More Sin Always Hurts


Have you ever read this and acknowledged its truth, while pushing some passages into an “I don’t really need to read this part” category?  Or even mentally demoted them to less important than the rest? Some passages jump out as important, don’t they?  Passages that speak to our hearts and bring comfort or clear instruction.  … More 100%

Even If

“Worry is a conversation you have with yourself about things you can’t change; Prayer is a conversation you have with God about things He can change.” This meme has found its way into my newsfeed a few times, and while I appreciate the sentiment of going to prayer when things are worrying us, it falls … More Even If