I Will Be With You Always

“Are we there yet?”  Every car trip seems like an eternity to a young child.  Because I’m the youngest, I was always stuck in the middle seat, and I remember standing up (seatbelts weren’t mandatory in those days), leaning over the front seat, asking my parents repeatedly if we were there yet.  If you’ve ever worked with children, you know how impatient they can be!  A few minutes seems like a very long time to them.

As we get older we learn to wait, and waiting a few minutes, days or even weeks is no longer a big deal.  Or is it?  How long does it take to get your final exam marks?  …to hear about that job you applied for?  …for the internet to load a photo-rich page?

We can be pretty impatient.  Short amounts of time can seem like an eternity.  But what is eternity?  How long will the earth last?  We don’t know how long the earth will last, and we can’t even fathom eternity!  But if we’re waiting for God to let us down, we would have to wait longer than that.

Jesus said, “I am with you ALWAYS, even unto the end of the world.”  (KJV)  The British sci-fi show, “Doctor Who,” imagines that the end of the world will be billions of years in the future.  I don’t think it will be quite that long, but even if it is, Jesus will still be with us then.  He will be with us as long as we walk this earth, and then on into eternity!

Somehow, even more comforting than knowing He is with us forever, is knowing that He is with us right now.  When we:

•             write final exams
•             hear news of a friend’s illness or death
•             must choose a career path
•             make a major mistake
•             have opportunity to share the gospel with a friend

Jesus meant it when He said “always.”  And always includes now.  Jesus’ last words to us were to go into all the world and teach every nation the good news of the gospel, but those words came with this assurance, “I am with you always.”

Whatever He has asked you to do, He has not asked you to do it alone.  With every directive comes the promise, “I will be with you.”

Is anything too hard when Jesus goes with us?

Keep seeking the Kingdom!

Heather Penner

Summer Missions

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Download CYIA 2018 Application

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Heather Penner

Youth Director



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