Happy New Year! January 11, 2019

There is something about the new year that draws us to look back over the last year to see if there are things we’d like to do differently. Sometimes it’s as simple as exercising more. Other times we are filled with regret when we see that we have not always lived as we should. Looking back is important so we can see our errors and make corrections. But it’s also important not to stay so focused on our failings that we feel beyond the hope of forgiveness.

I wonder how long Peter thought about his failure at Christ’s trial. (John 18:25-27) Three times he denied that he even knew Christ. In His sermon on the mount, Jesus said that if we deny Him, He will deny us before God. (Matt. 10:33) That’s a serious consequence! Peter was right to be distraught by his denial. And we are right to be distraught by our sin.

But don’t forget the rest of the story! In John 21:15-17 we see Jesus asking Peter if he loved Him. Three times Peter affirmed his love for Jesus, and three times Jesus commissioned him to take care of His people. How wonderful it must have been for Peter to know that his Lord had forgiven him, and was entrusting him with such an important task!

We can know that forgiveness too. When you look back over 2018, don’t gloss over your sins. Take them to Jesus. Confess them with true repentance, receive His forgiveness, and ask Him what He is calling you to do in 2019.

May this be your best year yet!

Keep Seeking the Kingdom!


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