God Wants You!

I recently read a true story about an African diplomat who felt called to full time children’s ministry. The king seemed to accept this, but when he went in to say his goodbyes, the king informed him that if he left he would be executed.

But Matthew obeyed God and left the king’s service. Sure enough, he was arrested and scheduled for execution. When the soldiers took him to the place of execution “…a violent storm erupted. Lightning struck the ground near where Matthew stood and he was knocked unconscious. When he came to he heard the soldiers discussing what to do. “We cannot kill this man!” they said. “His God has done this and must be very, very powerful.” They were afraid to touch him. The king agreed and he was released from prison!”*

God will stop at nothing to reach children with His gospel, and He will do it whether you join Him or not. But how amazing that He wants to use YOU in His plan! How exciting that you can be part of His work, and experience His power as He works through you!

Ask God what He wants to do with your summer. Where does He want you to serve? Who does He want reach through you? Determine to follow where God is calling you, whether that is at home, at a camp, or on the Ontario mission field! God is going to do amazing things this summer! Don’t miss out on being part of that great work!

“…it is not the will of my Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.” (Matthew 18:14)

Keep Seeking the Kingdom!

*from The Indomitable Mr. O by Norman Rohrer


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