Gratitude in Suffering

I’ve been writing a lot lately about obedience and being “all in” for Christ.  But what if you’re in the midst of suffering?  How do we stay “all in” for Christ when the pain of our circumstance is overwhelming? 

After a year filled with family with cancer, the suicide of friends, and other difficulties, David P. Murray wrote on the subject of true gratefulness.  He explained what gratitude is not, and then said the following:
“So, if it’s not giving thanks for all circumstances, if it’s not giving thanks by ignoring circumstances, and if it’s not giving thanks despite circumstances, what does 1 Thess. 5:18 mean?  The key is the smallest word in the verse.  Whatever circumstances we are in, we are to find cause for thanksgiving.  This still allows us to lament sin and suffering, but it also requires us to find reasons for thanking God at the same time, or at least eventually.
…As a Christian, I can thank God that every circumstance could and should be worse, that every circumstance is for my good, and that every circumstance will ultimately get better in glory.  I therefore thank God for Jesus Christ who suffered the worst of all circumstances so that I could enjoy the best of circumstances forever.”*
No matter what you’re facing, look to Jesus for comfort and thank Him for carrying you through.  He knows our pain.  He gave His all so one day we can be free from it. 
What will you thank God for today?
Keep Seeking the Kingdom!
Heather Penner
*Excerpt From
TABLETALK | NOVEMBER 2019 | VOL. 43 | NO. 11
Ligonier Ministries

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