F.R.O.G                                                         May 18, 2018 What’s your favourite animal?  Most people answer with something cuddly like the cat, strong like the lion, or regal like the eagle.  And while  I … More F.R.O.G.

Does God Care?

CYIA Connected May 11, 2018 Does God Care? I have a teddy bear that is very special to me. It was a gift from my uncle for my very first Christmas.  He is white with yellow on his paws, so naturally I named him White Teddy. (I was not a terrifically creative child.)  I took … More Does God Care?

The Match

CYIA Connected May 2, 2018 The Match Ever since I can remember my family has loved camping.  And one of the best parts of camping is having a campfire!  We all liked being part of building it as well as enjoying it once it was blazing.  When we were old enough, although some might question … More The Match