Sunday’s Coming!

Have you, like me, been waiting for signs of spring? The weather has been in a cycle of ups and downs that have teased me several times to think spring is almost here, only to have another cold front blow through, dumping snow and winter on us once again. Perhaps things have been going along … More Sunday’s Coming!

Seek Truth

Jephthah, a judge of Israel, defeated the Ammonites, and in gratitude he promised to sacrifice to the Lord the first thing he saw upon his return home. Sadly, his beloved only daughter ran out to meet him, becoming that “first thing.” When this story is taught, it is usually a warning to think before we … More Seek Truth

Justice vs Mercy

I recently watched a detective show in which the detectives were testifying in a murder trial. The defence lawyer was able to cast doubt on his client’s guilt, and the man walked free. Everyone was angry that justice had not been served. The advice of the experienced detective was to move on. “That’s all you … More Justice vs Mercy

Only A Spark

There have been times in my life when I have been completely 100% on fire for the Lord. You know those moments, when you think in His strength you could do anything and just wanted to get out and make a difference! But there are many more times when those flames are doused. Life sends … More Only A Spark

Finish Well!

When I read about Gideon his doubt and inabilities resonate with my own. His is a tale of God using someone who is less-than to do a job only God himself can do. It reminds us that God can do great things through even the least capable. The fact that He so often does this … More Finish Well!

Complete the Puzzle

I recently put together a new puzzle.  It was a photo of Christmas candies spread across the 1000 piece expanse.  Or more accurately, 991 piece expanse.  When there were no pieces left, the picture was incomplete.  The puzzle was missing 9 pieces!  It is very unsatisfying to be unable to finish a puzzle.  I searched … More Complete the Puzzle